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Fender Precision

The Precision Bass was originally released in 1951 as a counterpart to Fender’s Telecaster guitar. In 1957, Leo Fender gave the Precision a major overhaul to become the bass that’s widely known and adored today.

Precision is the workhorse of basses. It has a great feel and a deep sound that allows a low-end bass tone without compromising the clarity of notes in the middle- and high-end frequencies. Quite simply, of all the basses out there you can’t go wrong with a Precision Bass. In any gig or recording situation, this bass will get the job done. Leo Fender began with the basics, but more than 50 years later it’s still the “go-to” bass guitar.

The American-made Precisions sport an alder or ash body with a maple neck and a maple, rosewood, ebony, or Pao Ferro fingerboard. In the Japanese and Mexican models, the body is typically poplar or basswood. Traditionally, the Precision features one split pickup connected in humbucking mode. Some later models offer an 8-pole jazz pickup in humbucker mode or a regular humbucker alongside the traditional split pickup. Precision is available in a variety of colors and finishes.

Pro Player Tip
If you are a bass player, I highly recommend a Precision for your toolbox — or as I prefer, two: 1) one with flat-wound strings for that nice, rhythmic “play in the pocket” sound, and 2) one with round wounds to give you a little growl when you need it.

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